Industrial Cleaning,
Construction Management
and Other Related Fields.

Oxy Trading 541cc areas of
specialisation and industrial cleaning services

Oxy Trading 541cc is a multi-disciplinary company established to carry out construction and developments in the following fields.


  • Water reticulations
  • Waste water reticulations
  • Reservoir and tank cleaning
  • Storm water reticulations
  • Spillage cleaning and dumping
  • Pump stations and pumping mains
  • Septic tanks

Affordable Housing Developments

  • Low cost housing
  • Subsidised housing
  • Cluster development
  • Town houses

Architectural Structures

  • Government buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Light industrial buildings
  • Renovation of buildings
  • Maintenance of buildings

Mechanical Works

  • Electrical lighting and power installation
  • Post connections
  • High voltage reticulation system
  • Low voltage reticulation system
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Mechanical ventilation system-Refrigeration installation and cold stores, etc.

Civil Engineering Works

  • Water reticulations bulk water plumbing
  • Waste water reticulations
  • Domestic plumbing maintenance
  • Security Fence i.e. Palisade fence (Concrete/Steel)
  • Storm water upgrading and maintenance unblocking
  • Maintenance of road
  • Pump stations blocking and cleaning
  • Road upgrading

Construction Management

  • Site management
  • Cost and budgeting control
  • Project analysis and evaluation
  • Skills development and training
  • Valuation and quality inspection

Management of Material

  • Procurement
  • Ensuring delivery dates and effective use of material

Project Management

  • Programme management
  • Project monitoring / tracking
  • Project budget and barchart monitoring with cash flow for project duration
  • Reporting, recording and LIC management with attending site meeting for progress.