Industrial Cleaning,
Construction Management
and Other Related Fields.

About Oxy Trading 541cc

Oxy Trading 541cc is an ABE firm, was established in 2004 to carry out business in the Industrial cleaning, Construction Management and other related fields, aimed at creating infrastructure to the rainbow nation (South Africa).

The establishment of Oxy Trading 541cc is in response to the high unemployment rate in South Africa and in response to the Governments efforts to create an environment for the previously disadvantaged group to participate meaningfully in the mainstream economy. It is on this basis that a young African Industrial Cleaning with high ethical and professional standards came to bring an insight and appropriate solution to the construction field.

Combination Jetting Machine

Oxy Trading 541cc cleaning equipment provides high quality combination jetting machines on the market to get this dirty work done quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a professional contractor and dealing with public utilities, the combination jetting machine models will help get the job done.

combination jetting cleaning equipment Oxy Trading

Mission Statement

To serve as an indigenous firm of Waste Management & Industrial cleaning Contractors, aimed at optimising the economic growth by providing professional service to our clients.


Oxy Trading 541cc takes pride in the prosperity of South Africa and would therefore like to be recognised as one of the most significant players in the field of a industrial cleaning, construction technology and management by providing professional and first class services.